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Pumping Systems

We are at the forefront of our industry in fuel pumping, metering and dispensing equipment.

Our integrated pump and metering systems are NMI approved,  significantly smaller, faster, economical and weigh less than traditional systems.

Pumping and Metering Solutions

Whilst the right tank for the job can make a huge difference to your business's operational efficiency, if you are pumping or metering your fuel deliveries, the tank needs to be paired with the right delivery system for your application.  At ATE,  we are industry leaders in petrochemical pumping and metering systems.

Our inhouse team of engineers and technicians design and build fuel delivery systems for a wide range of applications - from the smallest and most basic pumping system through to high performance multi-product fuel dispensing units. 
Your tanker begins life on our factory floor as a flat sheet of aluminium and drives out ready to deliver fuel and start earning for you.

We only use premium system components from the industry's most respected suppliers, and design, fabricate, test and calibrate your system leaves our premises work-ready.

Our experience includes:

  • Prime mover mounted bulk transfer pumping systems
  • Trailer mounted single product metering systems
  • Multi-product high flow gravity metering units
  • Multi-product high flow pumped delivery systems
  • Rigid tanker pumping and metering systems
  • Waste oil recovery pumping systems
  • Construction machinery fuel service tankers
  • Onsite refuelling systems with on-board data capture and point of sale systems
  • Diesel engine powered pump sets

When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen. Ready to try harder, think more creatively and work smarter to create exactly what your business needs.

Bring us your vision and see where our energy moves you.