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About Us

We engineer and manufacture integrated and complex road tanker solutions

We bring together an A-team of thinkers and problem solvers with a firm understanding of what it means to be an Australian manufacturer of the future.

What we do

We solve our clients toughest toughest challenges by providing unmatched solutions in the design and manufacture of world-class road tanker solutions.  
We work in close partnership with our clients in both the development and refinement of product designs. 

At the core of our business is close collaboration, amongst our employees and our clients.   ATE Tankers pushes beyond standard frameworks and manufacturing principles.   As a result, we don't end up with standard industry solutions.  Our heritage of independent thinking has preserved our edge in client collaboration.

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Our Values

Since its founding, ATE has grown at an extraordinary rate without diminishing the unique qualities that make people want to work for - and with - the firm.

A strong culture anchored in a clear set of values has underpinned everything ATE does to maintain its leading position in the marketplace and remain such a rewarding and inspiring place to work.


We represent our capabilities honestly.  We only make promises we can keep. We build trust by delivering on that promise.


We commit ourselves wholeheartedly to our clients projects.  We seek to identify our clients' every need, and not just deliver a standard product solution.


We don’t take anything for granted including our past success. Our team is always looking to find new ways to do more than anyone ever expected.


We say what we mean, we mean what we say and our actions always follow our words. We hold ourselves to account so that you don’t have to.

Our Heritage

On 1st April 1999, we established ATE Tankers, formely known as Australian Tank Engineering Pty Ltd.

ATE Tankers began as a Rigid Tanker specialist, helping clients define, design and manufacture bespoke solutions. Over the years, the business integrated additional product to its range, from fuel tanker trailers to road trains, whilst consistently identifying better ways to control and improve its complete in-house production.

The spirit of hard work and an enduring set of strong values carried through the business, and has played a large role in making the firm what it is today.
ATE's strong sense of purpose and constant call for renewal has been the thread enabling growth.  We believe that being good is not good enough. Our search for powerful and unconventional solutions is what connects us to our clients.
Today, ATE tankers has horizontally diversified,  producing a new vacuum tanker and bitumen tanker product range.

 ATE Tankers is presently the only tanker manufacturer in the world to have been awarded the iconic Australian Made accreditation.

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