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australian made under one roof


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At ATE, we create bespoke manufacturing solutions that define our era.  We specialise in Road Tankers for Bulk Transportation, which include Fuel Trailer and Rigids, Bitumen, Vacuum, Dry Powder and Food Grade.

We bring together an A-team of thinkers and problem solvers with a firm understanding of what it means to be an Australian Manufacturer of the future.  We insist on full control of our design and production - allowing us to embrace change, such as automation, digitisation and new components and materials.

ATE Tankers is currently the only road tanker manufacturer to have been awarded the iconic "Australian Made" certification.


Road Tanker Solutions

Our manufacturing expertise, strategic relationships, and technical knowledge (of systems and integration) span the entire Bulk Liquid Transportation Supply Chain.

We build to all configurations and levels of complexity, from Rigid Mounted Tankers to Tanker Trailers, Barrel only constructions, Chassis and Running Gear constructions, Emulsion Tankers and Bitumen Trailers and Sprayers.

Our in-house manufacturing allows for fast and flexible response times and enhanced quality through uncomplicated and independent safeguarding.

We are oriented towards rapid, thorough and accurate completion of road tanker projects (large and small), and are known for:

  • Our in-depth knowledge of high value, complex manufacturing operations and processes;
  • Open and scalable engineering solutions that often involve complete redesign from conventional systems;
  • Ability to customize solutions and develop these immediately in close liaison with our client;
  • Our precision and repeatability of process (controlled in-house).

We define value beyond equipment costs and ensure the design meets the operation, location and condition.


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Industry expertise

We work with some of the largest fuel transporters and distributors, oil companies, defence industry participants as well as small and medium sized businesses in helping them deliver comprehensive, end-to-end Road Tanker solutions.

We serve the following industry segments:

  • Fuel distribution
  • Aviation Refuelling
  • Mining
  • Defence & Military
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Waste

Industry Segment V0.2

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Capabilities and expertise


austtralian manufacturing 250


  • Fuel Tanker Trailer construction
  • Rigid Truck Fuel Tankers Construction
  • Emulsion Tankers
  • Barrel construction - Aluminium,  Stainless Steel, Mild Steel
  • Chassis / Running Gear Construction
  • Dished end construction
  • Trailer construction
  • Electrical Fuel Haul Conversion
  • Flameproofing
  • Chassis Modifications and Wheel Base changes
  • Panel Manufacturing
  • Bitumen Trailers
  • Bitumen Sprayers
  • Vehicle / equipment integration

wleding standards 250


  • Engineering Consulting
  • Product Definition and Design
  • Product sourcing
  • Technical specification Engineering design CAD modelling FEA
  • Turning circle assessment
  • Hydraulic flow analysis
  • Vehicle integration
  • Vehicle load assessment
  • PBS
  • Dedicated R&D
  • New product development
  • Calibration services
  • Manufacturing process technology
  • Welding techniques
  • Weld procedure and systems development

servicing 250


  • Major and minor product rebuilds including clean up / restorations
  • Weld repair - aluminium and steel, cosmetic through to structural
  • Electrical diagnostics and repair
  • Chassis / running gear A/B/C services, repair and replacement
  • Lift axle / steel axle install
  • Pump repair / service / replace
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic circuit design, diagnostics and repair
  • Water and fuel calibration - NMI approved
  • Dipstick manufacture - NMI approved
  • PTO install and replacement
  • Hydraulic motor repair / replacement
  • EBS upgrades
  • Rehorse programs
  • Pump upgrades
  • Vacuum tanker relining
  • Hydostatic Testing, Degas
  • Bitumen burner tube replacement / repair
  • Laser engraving dipsticks / plates / decals
  • Paint repair
  • Fuel Haul Conversion / Flameproofing

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  • Safe Load Pass (SLP) Licensee - 320
  • Worksite Approved Site
  • National Measurement Institute (Trade Measurement) Water and Fuel Calibrators
  • ME57 Committee - Standards Review Committee put together to review and make recommendation on AS2809 parts 1 & 2 - Transportation of Bulk Liquid Dangerous Goods on Australian Roads
  • NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator)
  • Engineers Australia
  • Australian Made (certified Australian Made company)
  • National Bulk Tanker Association (NBTA)

tanker standards 800

Our standards


Meeting Australian Standards is our starting point not our destination. We know every detail about every tanker because we’ve created it. We take nothing for granted and continuously look for opportunities to make our machines safer, more efficient and competitive.

From design inception to after sales servicing, we’ll put you on the road to success and help keep you there. We are energised, passionate and excited about our work. We go above and beyond to create something truly great.

quality 250


How can you be sure that you are getting the quality you pay for? At ATE we stake our reputation on it. We invest enormous energy in pushing ourselves towards higher quality standards and compliance.

road tanker compliance 250


We stringently comply with all relevant Australian standards. And because we’re Australian Made under one roof we’re able to verify every compliance detail in person at each stage of construction.

stage gate testing road tanker


ATE actively investigate all process or product non-conformities then implement preventative measures to ensure they do not become safety hazards or performance defects. We also perform rigorous safety, durability and functionality testing on all tanker systems.

modular road tanker manufacturing 250


ATE conforms to Australian welding standards AS1665 (aluminum) and AS1554 (steel). Each tanker is accompanied with verifiable proof of individual welder certification. This is the only way to be sure your tanker meets compliance with Australian Standard AS2809.

Our work - Designed and Built by ATE

ATE Tankers Ready to Go

When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen. Ready to try harder, think more creatively and work smarter to create exactly what your business needs.

Bring us your vision and see where our energy moves you.