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The ATE way, the Australian way

16 Nov 2017 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News


Australian Made and Owned

As Australia’s only Australian Made Road Tankers, we’re proud that the Australian Made Campaign has chosen ATE as an example of high manufacturing standards and support of local business for their recently published case study. The ATE way, the Australian way. 

Read below to see how ATE sets themselves apart from others. ATE Tankers.pdf

Energy in Motion at its Best

Energy in Motion at its Best

24 Aug 2017 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

Recognition for hard work is always appreciated. ATE Tankers recently completed a cutting edge 45,000 litre tanker for our long standing client, Fuel Distributors of Western Australia. Not only does our tanker go above and beyond the highest standards of engineering and safety, it also incorporates the PreciTurbo dispensing system and innovative additions such as WabCo's OptiTurn and TailGuard which allows for superior blind spot detection and turning capabilities. 

The West Australian newspaper understands automotive engineering and manufacturing, and within their Wheels section last weekend wrote a fantastic showcase which outlines the 'unbeatable duo' of ATE Tankers with FDWA. Energy in motion at its best. 

To learn more about this winning combination, please click here


SPOTTED: Tri-Axle in W.A

20 Jun 2017 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

One of our tankers in action in Western Australia...

Purple Pop

15 Jun 2017 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

PURPLE POP: This 45,000L tri-axle trailer has been paired with a brand new Kenworth - ready to haul fuel across the east coast of Australia in exquisite style.

A Decade of Strenth, Integrity and Partnership

07 Jun 2017 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

The continued collaboration between ATE and Refuelling Solutions (RFS) has strengthened year on year, reaching a partnership of more than a decade.

Throughout this time, ATE has engineered and manufactured a variety of tanker solutions for RFS across their Mini Tanker and Maxi Tanker fleets, which have included Rigids, Trailer and B Double combinations.

At ATE, the strength of our partnerships are built on a foundation of collaboration, and Refuelling Solutions is a testament to just that.

To read more, click here.

A Proud Partnership

01 Jun 2017 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News


A long standing client of ATE, Refuel International, have recently shared insight into their partnership with the Australian Defence Industry. The company have been awarded a substantial contract to work alongside the Australian Government and provide a total of 100 aviation refuelling vehicles of the Defence Industry.

ATE have proudly engineered and manufactured the aviation refuelling tankers, currently under distribution to the Defence Industry.

The significant partnership between all parties has made a valuable impact to the Australian growing workforce, as well as keeping our countries products Australian Made.

Read the full article here.