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A new way of transportation, a new way of thinking

08 Jul 2019 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

The new ATE Tri-Axle Vacuum Tanker range have been ingeniously designed with the end user in mind, focusing on efficiency, useability and longevity. As per ATE’s bespoke approach, all aspects are customisable according to client’s complex requirements.

Built to general purpose, EPA and DG dress, the vacuum system can be driven by either a stand-alone auxiliary diesel engine, where power output and operating revs are matched to required vacuum performance, or power generated via PTO from the prime mover. We offer a range of high vacuum, liquid ring pumps or blowers across a range of CFM air movement.

Aluminium, 350 Grade, AS Pressure Plate and 304/316 stainless steel are all available for vessel construction (application dependant). If a single tri axle isn’t big enough, we also offer these vacuum tankers in 25m B-Double combinations, which can be fitted with a super heavy-duty full-length chassis (available for Tipper and none-Tipper) or a heavy-duty running gear (none-Tipper). 5 stage tipping and full opening rear doors available across the range.

From an environmental point of view, we consider the tankers holistically. We source as much local content as possible, to support the local community and have the smallest possible carbon footprint. We then engineer each design to maximise performance and longevity without adding unnecessary weight, this reduces the amount of fuel required to pull our tankers. Our production processes utilise state of the art software to maximise weld torch efficiency, which in turn reduces electricity consumption. When we hydrostatically test our vessels, the water is filtered and recycled, so we don’t waste a critical natural resource.

The vessels themselves have integrated wear plates at known vacuum tanker wear locations; these plates are replaceable and greatly extend the life of the asset. This thinking has been applied to our internal surge baffles, which have been designed to be none structural and easy to replace in service. Regardless of application, our tankers use the dangerous goods design code. This means that the integrity of the tank minimises spills to ground, which benefits the environment.

If you make the best, you'll know how to best repair them

03 Jun 2019 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

The ATE service and repair centre offers a very wide range of services across multiple industries. The team undertakes everything from SLP compliance checks through to major accident damage repairs. In addition to providing service and support to our fuel industry customers, we also undertake chassis / wheelbase modifications, vacuum and pressure tanker service / repair, structural weld repairs, general trailer upgrades, pump installations, pneumatic / hydraulic / electrical services.

We have clients that we have created specific preventative maintenance regimes for, who now benefit from superior uptime. We are always happy to work in with clients that have out of hours requirements. We understand that equipment breaking down prevents you from earning your living. We will always do whatever we can to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

The team is lead by Paul and his right hand man, Team Leader, Kent. They are very conscientious in regards to the safety and quality of work that they put out. Paul can be contacted on 03 9310 2722 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Breaking through to new innovation

29 May 2019 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

At ATE, we’ve continued to strengthen our capability and processes, which has enabled us to grow and diversify our product range.

Our heavy duty vacuum tankers are built to the highest Australian standards – we’ve been accredited with the Australian Made certification and designed a product that solves the challenges our clients face.  We offer the following:

  • Choice of PTO or auxiliary engine derived power;
  • Liquid ring or positive displacement vacuum pump with between 1000cfm and 2400cfm and high vacuum;
  • Options to include tipping barrel, opening rear door, lift axles, steer axles, integrated and interlocked mass cut-off, Dangerous Goods (DG) specification;
  • Standard build utilising 304 stainless steel, with 316 stainless steel / mild steel pressure plate or aluminium as an option.

We aim for nothing less than continuing to improve the way we do business and expand our product offerings - and our clients are always at the forefront of our thinking. 

JR Vac Tank No Decal

Good things do come in small packages

13 May 2019 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

The all new ATE "BabyVac" is a result of innovative thinking and good engineering practice. With height, length and mass constraints, ATE designed and engineered EPA compliant vehicles that can fit into low access height car parks. The GVM of the Isuzu platform has been maximised, with well balanced weight distribution across the axles. The range is offered in Liquid Ring and Rotary Vane vacuum pumps utilising PTO drive.

Aluminium water tanks have been integrated into the main barrel to give, what we feel, is a sleek and modern design that backs up its looks with performance. Total fill time from empty to 3000L in as low as 9 minutes, also makes this a high productivity machine.

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ATE Media Release: New Manufacturing Facility for ATE Tankers

22 Mar 2019 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

ATE has announced the acquisition of a new manufacturing and service facility, now making it one of Western Melbourne's largest manufacturers. Please find the below the full Media Release below:

New factory announcement

Every solution is different. Nothing is the same.

Every solution is different. Nothing is the same.

21 Jun 2018 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

Every solution is different. Nothing is the same. At ATE, we’ve learnt to move and bend with the brief (and the people). 
We offer our clients the option to “have it your way”- we can adjust production lines in response to design changes and even speed time to market by generating prototypes quickly.

This bespoke unit was customised to suit our clients specific end-user operations and optimised for a lower centre of gravity.

Not everything can be solved with the same approach.