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PreciTURBO in Action

PreciTURBO in Action

20 Jan 2017 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

Here is one of our 3 Axle Tankers fitted with a PreciTURBO Dispensing System in action! This Tanker also has Wabco EBS from Air Brake Systems.

Great collaboration on this with our client Fuel Distributors of Western Australia.

ATE Tankers Brand Refresh

ATE Tankers Brand Refresh

10 Mar 2016 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

ATE Tankers has undertaken a brand refresh.  The new brand is an assertive demonstration of the company’s successful evolution:  ATE has realigned its business, doubled the size of its facility, and consistently broadened the scope of its work and services offered.

Today, ATE sets the standard in the road tanker market for quality, safety and choice. 

Additional value-added services including ATE’s pumping & dispensing system technology, flameproofing, full fit-out options and compliance certification extend beyond the traditional scope of road tanker manufacturing.

Initiatives like the company’s digital ERP platform demonstrate its continued investment in new and innovative manufacturing technology – all of which has resulted in faster product delivery and higher quality standards than ever before. 

As the expression of its new corporate identity, ATE is continuing to focus on manufacturing within Australia, and carries the iconic “Australian Made’ symbol across its road tanker product.
 “At ATE, we are convinced that in today’s disruptive times, our clients need action, stability and control over the product they purchase,” said Dan Mejak, ATE Tanker’s CEO.

“The rebranding of our business is evidence of how ATE holds true to its vision and value proposition, of being always one step ahead, of always having our clients first in mind”.

ATE’s metallic tanker profile symbol stands for excellence and strength.  Demonstrating tough, high-grade metal and also representing the firm’s resilience and strong motivation to work with clients to deliver just what they want. 

 “Energy in motion” is symbolic of the company’s boundless energy and motivation.

“We at ATE have consistently pressed forward with our business, continuing to reinvent and reshape what we do”, said Dan Mejak.

“Whilst remaining focused and firmly rooted in what we do best -  engineering and constructing turn-key road tanker solutions”.  

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