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The Final Two

The Final Two

17 Feb 2017 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

This week we placed great emphasis on the delivery of the final two tankers of several for our Client, Caltex.

The two Rigid Mounted (8,500L) Tankers shown were designed to “keep the operator in mind”, and fitted with the latest Dispensing Systems (delivering both petrol & diesel).

With increasing regulations governing the transportation of dangerous goods, we are continuing to aggressively integrate and develop best practices across our business. Our clients require high levels of service with regard to regulatory and national compliance, which we emphasise through extensive training and consistent analysis of our operating performance and process. 

At ATE, we believe our collective experience provides a key strength in managing and driving our growth. 

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Accident, Repair, Delivery

Accident, Repair, Delivery

13 Feb 2017 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

After enduring a heavy hit by an excavator during a diesel delivery, the cab of this Isuzu truck was completely destroyed (the driver thankfully unharmed).  Project Managed by our new Service Team Lead, all equipment was removed from the truck and reinstated to this brand new horse.

At ATE, we appreciate a variety of challenges and offer a full range of products and services to help. Yet our operations are bound by one common thread – our business principles - which are based on our values of honesty, integrity and respect for people in everything we do.

We recognise that maintaining the confidence and trust of our clients is paramount to our success.

If you have a service or repair job, please speak to us.  We would love to help.

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03 8378 9499

ATE Tankers In-house Welder

Meeting Australian Welding Standards

03 Feb 2017 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

The road transport sector for dangerous goods has become highly regulated.

We ensure our tankers are built to Australian welding standards AS1665 (aluminium) and AS1554 (steel). The precision and effort that goes into each tanker by our professional team of welders is undeniably one of the strengths we pride ourselves on.

With all tankers made locally in Australia, our team is well trained to produce and exceed Australian Standards AS2809. Every tanker built by ATE is also accompanied with verifiable proof of individual welder certification.

Thoughts on Australia Day 2017

24 Jan 2017 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

Here we are in a New Year that has traditionally offered us the opportunity to pause and take stock. Australia is in transition - with a number of influences having impact on our country and way of life.

These changes are not in the future anymore – they are with us now.

They are impacting our economy, our labour market, budgets and the choices we have as individual Australians.

At ATE Tankers, we pride ourselves on being a certified Australian Made and Owned business. Every tanker we create has carried the iconic symbol since 2014, showing our commitment to retain manufacturing in Australia well into the future.

We want an Australia where rising productivity and improved competitiveness are the engines of job creation and investment. Where product innovation in the manufacturing sector remains a cornerstone of our economic success.

Australia Day is a chance to remember what a wonderful country and community we live in.

To appreciate what this country provides – a brilliant workforce, the best in materials and resources, businesses – large, medium and small.

Celebrate Australia this Thursday with a BBQ, tennis and good mates. We know we will!

PreciTURBO in Action

PreciTURBO in Action

20 Jan 2017 / Written by / Published in ATE Tankers News

Here is one of our 3 Axle Tankers fitted with a PreciTURBO Dispensing System in action! This Tanker also has Wabco EBS from Air Brake Systems.

Great collaboration on this with our client Fuel Distributors of Western Australia.